Quality management

VTA has been convincing its customers and business partners through the quality of its services, thus creating the basis for many years of trustful cooperation with our customers.

The fulfillment of the agreed quality requirements as well as the continuous improvement of our quality management system is an important goal of VTA.

Quality Guidelines

The satisfaction of our customers with our services is crucial for the success and the long-term security of our company. Everyone:

  • works exclusively for the customers in their work,
  • knows the requirements of their customers and commits to fulfill them right from the start, on time, completely and on their own responsibility,
  • develops ideas for improving existing work processes and works in an open-minded and active way with others,
  • will fully comply with these principles at all times.

In this way, we all make our best possible contribution to our business success and to our personal satisfaction.

These goals are achieved by a requirement-oriented organization and a target-oriented cooperation of all involved in the planning, delivery and construction of industrial plants.

In order to meet these quality requirements, VTA was certified to DIN ISO 9001 in 1995 and committed to the standards set there. Since then VTA has always been recertified to the up to date DIN ISO 9001. The last recertification was in December 2017 to the DIN ISO 9001:2015.

The complete quality management documentation is available in electronic form and can be viewed by the employee at any time in the current version from his workplace. Forms and procedures can be accessed directly from the manual and are available for further processing in native formats such as Microsoft Word or Excel.

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